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The Dangers Of DIY Appliance Repair

Alright, we are biased. We are a professional appliance repair company that services all major brands and domestic appliances. So when we write about the dangers of Do-It-Yourself appliance repair, we fully admit that our livelihood is connected with the fact that most people need to call expert appliance service to get their broken GE… read more

An Omaha Appliance Repair History Lesson

Being family-owned and operated since 1971 means we have a finger on the pulse of Omaha and Lincoln communities. We have become one of Nebraska’s top appliance repair companies over the years by no cheap trick or illusion. At the risk of tooting our own horn just a touch, we want residents of communities like… read more

Kitchen And Refrigerator Service In Omaha: More Myths Busted!

Before we dive into the meat and potatoes of today’s post, which is about debunking some old wive’s tales about common kitchen appliances, we would like to explain what sets us apart in Omaha and Lincoln as the leader of appliance service. We provide quality appliance repair in Lincoln and Omaha, have been family owned… read more

Omaha Appliance Service: Repair Versus Replace?

In communities like Papillion, Gretna, Fremont, Council Bluffs, and Omaha, Andy’s Appliance Repair is becoming more and more well known for our commitment to providing exceptional customer service. With an appliance repair center centrally located in Omaha, we have an inventory full of thousands of parts on major appliances. Which kind of appliances, and which… read more

Appliance Service Omaha: Debunking Kitchen Appliance Repair Myths

When you’ve been in business in Omaha, or anywhere, for nearly half of a century, it’s a solid indicator that you operate in a reputable way. When the business is service-based and has built a reputation on treating individual customers as vitally important to the extent that they become long-term clients quite often, long-term viability… read more

Omaha Appliance Repair Experience: What Our Customers Say

Looking for quality appliance repair in Omaha? At Andy’s, we provide exactly that. In posts past, we’ve done our best to convey some helpful tips in regard to common appliance issues. Now, we haven’t been able to solve every kitchen appliance related problem from behind our keyboard, but our intent has been to point you… read more

Domestic Appliance Repair: Helpful Kitchen Maintenance Tips

At Andy’s Appliance Repair, we want you to save as much money as you can. We aren’t in the business of coming to your house, kicking the proverbial tires, and recommending a replacement appliance part without doing our due diligence. On the contrary, we’ve become a mainstay in communities like Lincoln and Omaha by doing… read more

Common Dryer Problems And Tips To Help

We are a third generation, locally owned and operated appliance repair company. With two appliance service clinics in Lincoln and Nebraska and an expansive service area that extends into reaches of Western Iowa, we are many people’s go to when it comes to finding an answer to searches like “appliance repair near me.” Today’s post… read more

How Does An Oven Break? Tips To Help

Ovens are a vital piece to any home’s kitchen, as they allow you to bake and warm your house all at once. Of course, seeing as it’s still summer and quite hot, many of us haven’t been doing too much baking of late. But if you are or when you do get back to using… read more