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Bertazzoni appliance repair by Andy’s. Andy’s Appliance Repair & Parts House is factory authorized to provide warranty and non-warranty appliance repairs for old and new Bertazzoni appliance repair, for the good folks of Gretna..  If you are in need of residential appliance repair on appliances like refrigerators, ovens, warming drawers, ice makers, dishwashers,  washing machines, dryers, and more, Andy’s Appliance Repair represents an ideal blend of quality and value. We are factory certified in most brands, types and  models. 

We don’t charge you an arm and a leg to get the job done the right way. We’ve been serving Lincoln, Omaha surrounding communities and beyond with quality kitchen and laundry appliance repair for over 45 years, so it’s safe to say we have an understanding of what this industry demands as well as what our customers demand. 

 Bertazzoni Appliances – Premium Kitchen Appliances

Bertazzoni is an Italian manufacturer of premium home kitchen  appliances. The first factory established in 1909 making wood burning stove cookers and then using new mass production techniques learned while working for Fiat to began expanding into  gas stove production with over 80,000 units sold. In 1960 it began to  export appliances to over 60 countries around the world.

The folks at Bertazzoni performed and exhaustive analysis of the American market and in 2005 launched a series of all -new ranges under the Bertazzoni brand name at the top end of the market. Bertazzoni’s modern manufacturing facility is located in Guallatiri, Italy has quadrupled plant size since 1998 and the plant is currently undergoing another expansion to support the global growth of the Bertazzoni product line.

With product specialization the business strategy has evolved to cope with the demand for higher performance products. The benefits in the kitchen are ease, efficiency and safety. Recent innovations include electrical induction cooktops, dual-fuel ranges , electric induction ovens and pyrolytic self cleaning oven linings.  Bertazzoni appliance will last a lifetime.

Bertazzoni Professional Series is highlighted by the signature knobs, ergonomic handle and the vibrant colors. These distinctive  elements blend design and ergonomics is a signature style that has won multiple designs awards since its debut. Bertazzoni Professional Series ranges, wall ovens, cooktops, hoods, refrigerators and dishwashers rounds out the Bertazzoni Italian cooking experience.

As you can understand with this level of appliance and the  technology used it is important that a service company that is factory authorized be the only folks to perform repairs on these beautiful, high end appliances.  So next time your Bertazzoni or any of your appliances  need some work and don’t know where to turn, call Andy’s Appliance Repair.   Weather your Bertazzoni is new or old we get the job done and done right! That’s why we say, For Bertazzoni appliance repair in Gretna, “We’ve got you covered!”




Gretna Appliance Repair

We conduct ourselves as with what we refer to as  “guest mentality” when our Master Certified Technicians are in your home. That means we treat your home, belongings your pets and YOU with the utmost courtesy and respect. We treat you like we want to be treated and we think that’s only fair. We do our best to protect the surfaces in your home from scratches, dirt and damage. We even put booties on our feet before we enter your home to keep from traipsing mud into your house.  We place our tools on a pad to keep from scratching the counters.   People have come to trust Andy’s Appliance service because we are reliable. We stand by our 2- hour appointment windows that we’ve made and only move forward with repairs once we get your permission.  An example of this “guest mentality” commitment is we won’t ring your doorbell when we come to your place, just in case there are any little ones laying down for nap time!

We are dedicated to finding you a quick, affordable appliance repair solution so that we can get your busy life and schedule back on track because we know how disruptive a broken appliance can be to an active family. Our customer service team will call you the day prior to confirm the appointment.  We also send an email confirming the appointment with the name and photo of the technician who will be on your door step the following day.  Our technicians arrive in clean, well marked vans and pressed uniforms.  We do this so you are confident who is at your door and in your home.  We’re friendly, professional and reliable, and we’ll get the job done in a timely matter. For many of our customers, this thrills them because it means they don’t have to take the entire day off of work, and neither do they need to stress about some random person showing up at their house.

Andy’s Repair Process

Once you’ve scheduled your appointment for an agreed-upon 2-hour window time slot, you can rest assured that Andy’s Appliance Repair Master Certified Technicians will keep their appointment. We will be punctual, so that you don’t have to worry about taking an entire half-day (or even whole-day) off of work just to get your Bertazzoni refrigerator or  wall oven repair repair work done. We understand the importance of punctuality, and it’s one of the qualities that we hang our hat on. You can count on Andy’s do to the job right. 

Full Year Parts And Labor Guarantee

Once we diagnose the issue, we will explain the problem and give you our recommendation for a solution, along with a quote and timeline. Once we agree on a plan of action, we’ll get to work! We only use factory OEM original parts for all repairs to keep your machine running safely according to factory specifications. Keep in mind we offer an industry-leading 1 year parts and labor GUARANTEE for the work that we do. We’ve Got You Covered with Gretna appliance repair!

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