Common Microwave Oven Repairs

Americans have been enjoying the convenience and efficiency of microwave ovens since the early 1970s. The technology as gotten a lot better, and the cost has become much more affordable, but they’re still a mainstay in almost every home and restaurant kitchen. Like all appliances, microwaves do fail and break down over time. If you need microwave repair in Omaha, we can help. If you’re having any issues like the ones we’re about to discuss, a simple part replacement can save you time and money.

Microwave Does Not Heat

If your microwave isn’t heating, you’re dealing with one of the most common microwave problems. In most cases, a microwave that stops heating has a magnetron failure. If a microwave is used when it’s empty, this can lead to magnetron burn out. A failed magnetron will need to be replaced. If it’s not your magnetron, it could be faulty diodes, capacitor burn, transformer failure, or a defective door switch.

Microwave Runs and then Stops

In most cases, a microwave that starts then stops has a faulty door switch, failed transformer, faulty fan motor, or defective touchpad. Diagnosing which one is the problem can be a challenge if you’re not trained in microwave repair or don’t have the time to educate yourself on how to troubleshoot all the possible issues. The good news is, this is usually a quick and affordable repair if you call an appliance repair company that has an extensive part warehouse.

Microwave Plate Doesn’t Spin

In your microwave, there is a rotating motor below the plate, which is responsible for the rotation of the spinning plate. The most likely cause of your microwave plate not spinning is a worn out or burned motor. This motor can be easily replaced. If the motor is tested and found not to be the problem, this would indicate a fault in the main control board.

Microwave Light-bulb Does Not Turn on During Operation

Behind the grill is a small bulb which lights when your microwave runs. If the bulb isn’t coming on, then it may have fused. Another possible reason is a faulty bulb socket or bad wiring. If the bulb, socket, and wiring check out, then the problem may be in the main control board. The control board may have gone bad and stopped sending voltage to the bulb socket.

Need Microwave Repair in Omaha?

If you live in the Omaha area or surrounding areas and have a microwave that isn’t working, you may be able to repair it and get some more years out of it. Microwaves aren’t expensive, but a repair can be half the cost of a new microwave and double the lifespan. Give us a call, and we’d be happy to answer your questions.

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