How Winter Weather Affects Your Appliances & How To Protect Them From The Cold

Brace yourselves — winter is upon us. We know winters in Nebraska can be quite chilling, as temperatures often drop far below zero. When preparing for the change in weather, it’s easy to remember to blow out your sprinklers, throw those extra jackets and blankets into the trunk of your car, stock up on toilet paper and chicken noodle soup, and all of the other winter preparation essentials. However, have you ever stopped and thought about your appliances and how winter weather might affect them? While we don’t often think of them, your appliances that are located in the basement and garage or appliances that rest against outside walls are affected by winter weather, especially when it comes to freezing temperatures. Avoid costly appliance repairs in Lincoln and Omaha by learning more about the effect weather has on your appliances and following our winter appliance care tips!

The two main appliances that are affected by freezing temperatures during the winter are your washing machine and fridge/freezer, as these home appliances are often located in basements, garages, or against an outside wall, making them more exposed to the freezing elements. So, how exactly are these appliances affected? And what can you do to prevent a costly appliance repair? Continue reading to find out!

Washing Machine

Washing machines are a lifesaver. Can you imagine having to wash all of your clothes by hand during the winter? Brrrrrr. While you can snuggle up under a warm blanket and watch your favorite movie while your clothes are being washed, it’s important to remember that your washing machine is still filling with and draining water, and the hoses and pumps are vulnerable to freezing in cold temperatures. This can cause water to freeze inside of the hoses and pumps, resulting in damage to the water intake valve — and a flooded home for you.

Refrigerator & Freezer

Did you know that your refrigerator and freezer actually stop running if they get too cold?

There is nothing worse than having an intense craving and opening up your fridge/freezer and realizing all of the food inside of it warm and spoiled. Not only does your craving not get satisfied, but throwing out rotten food and cleaning out your fridge is such a hassle — and smelly, too.

The good news is that these appliance disasters can be avoided! Follow these winter weather appliance care tips to keep your appliances running in top-condition — even on frigid days.

Tip 1: Turn On The Heat

If your washing machine or fridge/freezer is located in the garage, basement, or against an outside wall, run a space heater while you’re at home on especially cold days. When you aren’t at home, make sure your heat is on and the temperature is set at a warm enough level where your appliance pipes and hoses won’t freeze. While you may want to save on the heating bill, trust us when we say you will save more by making sure your appliances are not exposed to freezing temperatures. Even if you are going out of town, consider just lowering the heat versus completely turning it off. There is nothing worse than coming home to a flooded home and no food — not to mention appliance repair and home restoration costs are pricey!

Tip 2: Insulate Water Pipes & Wrap Hoses With Pipe Insulation

Another way to keep your fridge/freezer and washing machine functioning at its prime during the winter months is to ensure your water pipes are insulated and to wrap the hoses with pipe insulation. This will help keep your pipes from freezing during the winter months and is less of a hassle than remembering to turn on a space heater.

Tip 3: Disconnect Water Line & Hoses

If you are unable to keep the temperature maintained above freezing, it’s best to disconnect your appliances from the water line and only connect them while they are actually running.

Who knew winter could have such an effect on your home appliances? We hope these Lincoln & Omaha appliance care tips help save you from expensive home damage or appliance repair. If you do find yourself needing appliance repair services, however, Andy’s Appliance Repair is here to help! Contact us today for any of your appliance care or appliance repair needs.