Hard Water vs. Soft Water

You’ve probably heard somebody complain about having hard or soft water, but not really understand why they’re complaining. As an Omaha appliance repair and parts warehouse, we see a lot of customers with both hard and soft water. Each type of water comes with advantages and disadvantages and affect appliances differently. Let’s take a closer look at hard and soft water and get a better understanding of how they affect your home appliances.

What is Hard Water?

Water that is called “hard” is water that has a high mineral content. Hard water is created underground as it percolates through deposits of chalk and limestone that are consist of magnesium and calcium. When you drink hard water, you can get some health benefits from these minerals. When it comes to industrial applications, though, hard water can cause a lot of damage and must be monitored closely to reduce its impact on machinery.

At home, there are many signs that will indicate if you have hard water. The formation of limescale in water heaters and kettles and inability to get a good lather with soap are just a few.

What is Soft Water?

Soft water is defined as water that has low concentrations of ions, in particular, magnesium and calcium. Soft water naturally occurs at the drainage basins of rivers with hard calcium poor rocks. Because soft water has few calcium ions, no soap scum is formed in regular washing. You’ll also recognize the easy lather of soap.

Hard Water Advantages

• Rich in essential minerals
• Suitable for everyday drinking
• Great taste

Disadvantages of Hard Water

• Spotty dishes after washing
• Dingy looking clothes
• Reduces the efficiency of household appliances
• Bathtubs with soap scum and film
• Dry skin

Soft Water Advantages

• Cleaner dishes
• Soft skin
• Prolonged life of water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers
• Lower energy bills

Disadvantages of Soft Water

• Not great for drinking
• May cause heart or circulatory problems if the only source of hydration

Hard Water Solutions

As an appliance repair company, our focus is on keeping your appliances as healthy as possible. So we want to help you get your hard water softer. There are several things you can do to soften your water. A water softener is a great solution that works. Water softeners are basically large filtering systems that removed the calcium and magnesium ions and turn your water into soft water. There many different models of water softeners you can choose from on the market. If you have questions about which model would be best for you, we can help.

Need a Repair from Hard Water Damage?

We know what hard water can do to your appliances. The good news is they can be restored, and your water can be softened to prevent future damage.

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