My Refrigerator Is Making Weird Noises, What Does It Mean?

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In today’s article, we will be talking about refrigerator repairs. More specifically, we will be discuss those strange noises that emanate from your fridge. We will differentiate between normal noises and noises that are potential causes for an alarm. Continue reading if you are looking to pick up some refrigeration repair tips!

Chirping, Barking, Woofing, or Howling

Usually this is normal. It can sometimes be heard as the damper door opens and closes.


If you are hearing buzzing after getting water from the dispenser, this noise shouldn’t last longer than 7 seconds. If the buzzing noise is not related to dispensing water, it could be an ice maker problem. The ice maker can make a buzzing sound when it is filling up with water. If this is heard as often as every 15 minutes, go ahead and check to make sure that the water is turned on so the ice maker can do what it does oh so well…make ice.

Humming or Clicking

When the ice maker fills with water, a hum or a click is often heard. You might hear this sound once or multiple times. It is most likely not an issue, but if it is bothering you enough, it might be worth having a technician at Andy’s Appliance Repair to come on out!

Gurgling Noise

This ‘gurgling’ noise might be heard when ice is melting during the defrost cycle. The water runs down the drain pan and…gurgles. In terms of a solution to fix your refrigerator, the bottom line is that this likely a totally normal issue that almost every refrigerator has.

Vibration Noise

So your refrigerator is vibrating? We’ve seen this before, alright. Usually it is the easy-fix-issue that the refrigerator isn’t level on the floor. You will need to adjust the fridge legs, or the leveling screws, to lower the leveling feet to the floor.


If your refrigerator is hissing, it means it hates you. Next issue. Just kidding; refrigerators don’t have feelings (but you should still treat them well so they last a long time and save you money). In all seriousness, most hissing noises are totally normal for all different makes of refrigerators. If you have just bought a new refrigerator, it probably isn’t time to call your appliance repair service center just yet. Give yourself a few days to get used to the new noises, because pretty much every refrigerator out there is gonna have its own unique set of squeaks and hums.

Whistling or Squeaking

On most new refrigerators, be them GE refrigerators, Maytag Refrigerators, or another brand, it is fairly usual to hear the door whistle or squeak. The gasket (rubber around inner perimeter of the door which seals it shut) is brand new and therefore seals extremely tightly. Once the gasket is broken in from the first few days of use, the annoying noise will subside, and you can get back to your formerly squeakless life!

Okay, It’s Normal, But Why?

In this article, we have repeatedly told you that it is completely normal for refrigerators (even the new ones) to make plenty of noise. But wouldn’t you think that they could figure out how to make a silent refrigerator by now? Why do they all make noise? While it is true that newer models make less noise these days, researchers in Turkey have identified the source of the issue, and it is fairly rational, as it turns out. The researchers created special sensors to discover that the noises are actually a result of refrigerator panels and components that are expanding and contracting as they change temperature. This causes stress in the components, and this stress is what we hear as the humming and crackling noises that might be scaring you or your little ones. But rest easy, science is here! The scientific community is hopeful that this research can be used to minimize the annoying noises in the future. One other point of interest is that it is usually frost-free refrigerators that make more noises, because they have a heater which more rapidly heats up during the defrost cycles.

Andy’s Appliance Repair

It is our goal at Andy’s Appliance Repair to set you up for success, in ways both big and small. If we have helped you identify those odd hissing noises that may be disturbing you while you watch your favorite shows, then all the better! If you have learned that your noise is the symptom of a bigger issue with your refrigerator, we can help with that as well. If you are in the Lincoln or Omaha (and surrounding) areas, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are committed to doing our work correctly the first time, providing exceptional customer service, all while giving you our fair price guarantee. Call us today for any and all major appliance repair!