Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair

There’s no doubt Sub Zero manufactures some of the best refrigerators on the market. Sub-Zero is a third-generation family-owned company out of Madison Wisconsin and was the first company to produce a fridge that blends in seamlessly with a kitchen. Sub Zero not only standouts out aesthetically, but they’re a standout from an engineering perspective as well. But like all great appliances, even Sub Zero refrigerators can need repairs over time. With such a steep price point, the thought of replacing your Sub Zero refrigerator is the last thing you want. Don’t worry, if you need Sub Zero refrigerator repair in the St. Louis Metro area we have you covered.

Sub Zero Refrigerator Too Cold?

Is your food freezing in your Sub Zero refrigerator? Frozen food in your refrigerator can be costly. If you’re experiencing this, several things may be causing the issue. First, look for any error codes or messages the unit is displaying. Make sure the unit temps are properly set. If your condensers haven’t been cleaned in the past six months, try cleaning them. If none of these fixes work give us a call, and we diagnose and possibly repair your fridge on the same day.

Water Leaking from Your Sub-Zero Refrigerator?

First, you need to determine where the water is coming from. Is it from the top, underneath, the ice or water dispenser, or is it coming from condensation? Open the unit and check the back wall for condensation, frost, or ice buildup. Remove the crisper drawer and shelf assembly. Food debris, standing water, or ice buildup in the drain trough or drain tube along the back wall can cause standing water on the floor if the drain tube is clogged. If you check all of these areas and can’t solve the water leak issue yourself, repair service and expert diagnoses will be the next step to stopping your Sub-Zero water leak.

Sub-Zero Ice Maker Stopped Making Ice

If your ice maker is not making enough ice or no ice at all, there are several things to look at yourself before calling for repairs.

 Jammed ice cubes
 Lower water pressure
 Frozen ice maker fill tube
 Warm freezer temps

After you work your way through these, you usually can verify the problem. If you can’t or need help with the next steps, give us a call. We deal with ice maker repairs all the time and sometimes can guide you through a quick fix and help you avoid a repair. If not, we carry Sub-Zero replacement parts in our warehouse and can quickly come to your home and replace the damaged or broken part.

Need Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair in St. Louis?

If you live in the St. Louis Metro area or surrounding areas and have a Sub Zero Refrigerator that isn’t working you may be able to repair it and get some more years out of it. Give us a call, and we’d be happy to answer your questions.

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