Common Washing Machine Problems and Solutions

The washing machine is one of the most used household appliances. Everybody likes fresh, clean clothes. When your washing machine goes down, life gets inconvenient fast. Most people don’t have time to go to the laundry mat, and the art of handwashing is long gone for good reason. If your washing machine is down, there are some things you can do yourself to get it going again. If all else fails, call reliable St. Louis appliance repair company. We are certified to service any washing machine brand and model. We only use OEM parts to not void your warranty and make sure it runs as designed. But first, give these a try.

My Washing Machine is Vibrating

Vibrating washers are a common thing. The most common reasons your washing machine is vibrating are as follows:

• Unbalanced load of laundry
• The washer is not level
• The washer feet may not be locked in and contacting the floor


• Rearrange the load of laundry and be sure that it’s balanced. Check your manufacturer’s book for recommended maximum loading capacity.
• Check to see if the floor is level.
• Make sure the fee have firm contact with the floor and adjust if they don’t.

My Washing Machine is Leaking Water

A leaking washing machine doesn’t always mean you need a major repair. A number of things can make your washer leak, such as:

• Hoses are not attached or inserted properly
• Hose washers are worn
• Drains are clogged


• Check to see that all of your hoses are tightened and properly connected. Check hose washers for cracks or damage.
• Check water lines and faucets to ensure they are not leaking.
• Make sure your washing machine is draining. The hose may be clogged with lint, hair, or that missing sock.

My Washing Machine is Making Strange Noises

Weird sounds like clicking, gurgling, or humming can be caused by objects that get caught in the washer, clogged drains, or internal sensors.


• Clicking sounds can mean an object is caught in the washer drain. Be sure to check your drain and remove any objects you find. Always check clothing pockets before washing.
• Loud gurgling sounds may indicate that your washer drain line is partially clogged. Check the line and remove any blockage you find.
• Humming or buzzing noises may indicate that something has jammed the pump. Check your pump and remove obstructing objects. If damage has occurred, you may need a new pump.

Need Washing Machine Repair in St. Louis?

If you live in the St. Louis Metro area or surrounding areas and have a washing machine that isn’t’ working, you may be able to repair it and get some more years out of it. Give us a call, and we’d be happy to answer your questions.

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