Lincoln & Omaha Electric Dryer Repair: What To Do When Your Dryer Stops Heating

DING! You have prepared yourself to take your laundry out of the dryer (and actually fold it and put away) when you realize that your clothes that have been “drying” for the last hour are still wet! You put your laundry in the dryer again and you realize your dryer is not heating up and therefore not drying your clothes — ugh.  

We often complain about the never-ending piles of laundry that always seem to pile up — no matter how many loads of laundry we do a week— but we are quickly humbled when our washer or dryer stops working properly and we are forced with the inconvenience of going to the laundromat.

Dryer heating problems are a common reason for Lincoln & Omaha Electric dryer repair, so in today’s blog, we are going to share with you some causes for electric dryer heating issues and what you can do about it.

4 Common Reasons Why Your Electric Dryer Is Not Heating Properly

Insufficient Voltage

One of the most common reasons why electric dryers do not heat properly is inadequate voltage. If you suspect that your electric dryer is not heating up due to a voltage issue, check to make sure it’s completely plugged in and verify the voltage with a voltmeter if possible.

A Blown Thermal Fuse

A blown thermal fuse is another common reason why electric dryers fail to produce heat. A thermal fuse is designed to trip if your electric dryer begins to overheat. Often times, this is due to a backup of lint in your exhaust vent. If your thermal fuse has blown out, you will need to replace it.

Broken Thermostats

Electric dryers have multiple thermostats that keep your electric dryer from overheating or becoming too cool during a cycle. A cycling thermostat is designed to maintain an even temperature while drying and a high-limit or thermal thermostat is designed to turn off the dryer if it overheats to prevent damage. If one of the thermostats in your electric dryer is damaged or malfunctioning, it can cause your dryer to not produce the right amount of heat to dry your clothes.

A Defective Heating Element

Heating elements produce the heat required to dry your clothes. If you have exhausted all other possible causes for your dryer not heating, the heating element may be to blame. Oftentimes, heating elements burn out due to overheating, similarly to a blown thermal fuse, and stop working.

Electric dryer repair can be a dangerous endeavor if you are unfamiliar with dryer parts and wiring. To ensure you keep yourself safe and do not cause further damage to your electric dryer, hire an appliance repair professional. If you are located in Lincoln or Omaha, our experienced appliance repair technicians at Andy’s Appliance Repair are here for you. Contact us today by phone or email to schedule an appointment and get your dryer back up and heating. We look forward to speaking with you.