Top 3 Most Common Clothes Dryer Repairs

Everyone loves dry clothes, and we take it for granted until our dryer stops working. When your clothes dryer stops drying, there are a lot of reasons why it could no longer be getting the job done. But after repairing countless dryers over the years in Omaha and Lincoln, we’ve seen three problems surface the most. Let’s take a look at the most common clothes dryer repairs.

Cleaning the Air Vent

A clogged air vent will gradually decrease your dryer’s efficiency and lead to more costly repairs, like blown fuses and damaged heating elements. If you notice damp clothing after the cycle is completed, excessive heat radiating from the dryer, or burning smells, you may have a clogged air vent. The good news is you can clean the vent yourself in a matter of minutes.

Start by pulling your dryer unit away from the wall to reveal the vent extension. Remove the vent extension from both the dryer and the wall outlet. If you have a shop vac, run the nozzle as far into the extension and wall as you can. The shop vac should suck out all the debris that’s built up over time. Do this every six months to prevent any build-up.

Blown Thermal Fuse

Your dryer requires quite a bit of power to operate. Because it requires so much power, it is equipped with a series of safety mechanisms to prevent it from overheating. If your dryer is turning on and spinning, but does not heat, you may have a blown fuse, thermal cutoff, or high-limit thermostat. Damage to these areas is usually caused by restricted airflow from the air vent.

You can accomplish this repair if you’re comfortable with more complicated repairs. It requires the large metal panel on the back of your dryer to be removed. You’ll also need to disconnect wires and screws, and use a multimeter to test each component to determine the specific cause. If you’re not comfortable doing this, this can be an affordable and quick fix for an experienced appliance repair company.

Broken Dryer Belt

If your dryer belt is broken, your dryer will supply heat, but the drum will not spin. Your dryer belt will get worn down over time from regular use, or because of friction caused by impeded drum support rollers or bearings. For this repair, you’ll need to remove the top and front portions of your dryer’s casing. Every brand and model has different methods for removing the casing. Once the casing is removed, you’ll see the drum resting loosely on support rollers.

You should also notice a thin black belt on the drum. If there’s no belt, it may have fallen beneath the drum. If you see the belt, try pulling on it. If it’s broken, it will come off with ease. Installing the new belt involves looping the belt around the drum and setting it on top of the rollers, then running the belt through the idler pulley and motor pulley.

This repair is best done by an experience clothes dryer repair technician. Every dryer is different and requires experience to make sure everything is set properly and moving fluidly.

Need Clothes Dryer Appliance Repair in Omaha or Lincoln?

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