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“I called Andy’s Repair for service on my dryer. They gave me an 8-10 am window for the following day, but the technician called at 7:30 and was there by 7:40 am. He identified the problem, gave me an estimate and explanation, and completed the repairs immediately. I won’t hesitate to contact them again when I need appliance repair.” Vicki L., Five Stars, Andy’s Appliance Repair Google Reviews

Folks in Council Bluffs can tell the difference between a quality business and a company looking to make a quick buck. When you are nestled into the core of the great American midwest like Council Bluffs is, you are able to recognize when a business is part of what makes this nation an amazing one. We aren’t just talking about appliance repair companies here, either. There are hallmarks of well-run businesses that transcend industry. Whether you are talking about an HVAC company, a contractor, a locksmith, or a Council Bluffs appliance repair company, you want to do business with a local company that does good work, acts honestly, sticks to their word, has affordable prices, is timely and knowledgeable, and puts the customer first.

Here at Andy’s Appliance Repair, we work hard to encapsulate each of those traits in specific ways. We want to describe our efforts to do that below. But we also want to highlight the fact that we have a comprehensive range of appliance types and brands that we service here at Andy’s Appliance Repair & Parts House.

Since 1971, we’ve been providing communities like Council Bluffs, Omaha, Gretna, Lincoln, Elkhorn, and others with quality appliance repair on a variety of name brands and appliance types. Having what is close to a half-century of experience goes a long way in showing what kind of company we are. Folks in our area are trusting, but that trust must be earned in the first place. How do we earn that trust? Each day we get up and go to work, we treat every service call as if it is our most important. There isn’t a magic button here. It’s about being consistently committed to our own internal standard of excellence. Getting five-star reviews like the one Vicki left above is wonderful because it is an outside source confirming our efforts. They also allow us to highlight them so we can showcase them to prospective customers.

We want our customers to turn into lifelong clients. If you like what you’ve read so far, keep reading to find out more information about the appliance types and brands that we service in Council Bluffs.

Council Bluffs Oven Repair

At Andy’s Appliance Repair, one of the ways we do our best to separate ourselves from other local appliance repair companies is that we communicate. We communicate with our customers, yes, but that’s not quite what we are talking about here. We mean that we make a point to knowledge-share. There is a broad range of appliances makes and types, not to mention the fact that these models and spare parts change throughout the years. We service appliances from multiple decades, and knowing the intricacies of a given model isn’t something you are born with.

That being said, we make sure that all knowledge our technicians have becomes shared knowledge. Each Master Certified technician can share their experience with others, and that leads to us being more knowledgeable when we come to your house. We can more effectively diagnose and fix the problem – and we can do it sooner.

With regards to oven repair in Council Bluffs, we can get your problem fixed quickly and for an affordable rate. We service brands that include Thermador, Dacor, KitchenAid, and more than you’ll find listed below. Whether your oven is old or new, we can diagnose the problem and then provide you with recommendations as to the best course of action you can take. We have no problem having repair vs. replace conversations, among others. Get in touch with us for expert Council Bluffs oven repair service!


Council Bluffs Dishwasher Repair

If you are looking for dishwasher repair in Council Bluffs, we want you to give us a call for same-day-service. We do our utmost to make it out to your home on the same day we call. In Vicki’s case above, we were slightly backed up and had to schedule the appointment for the day after. We want folks to understand that we realize how much of a hassle it can be when your dishwasher, refrigerator, or any appliance breaks down. That’s why we are timely and punctual. We provide you with two-hour appointment windows, because it’s impossible to know how long each individual job will take. At the same time, we aren’t going to be doing our best cable company impression, either, making you stay home and wait for us all day and what not. We give you a call when we are on our way, diagnose the situation, and give you a quote for what it will take to get the problem solved, ideally that same day.
Below you will find examples of brands for which we provide dishwasher appliance repair in Council Bluff. Keep in mind we service more dishwasher brands than the ones listed, however!

Council Bluffs Washing Machine Repair

Whether you’ve had a washing machine break down on you in the past or not, we should advise you that it’s your best bet to call in the professionals. Even if you don’t choose Andy’s Appliance Repair, it takes professional experience in most every circumstance when you are dealing with washing machine repair and parts replacement. Folks from Omaha, Council Bluffs, Lincoln, and beyond choose Andy’s for washer repair for a variety of reasons. The biggest reason is probably the fact that we’ve been around since 1971, so that should clue people in that we know what we are doing, as evidenced by the fact that we are still in business! But other reasons include our online reputation, our word-of-mouth reputation, and the fact that we hire high-quality people.
We don’t want you to worry about having a stranger in your home. And although we don’t know one another quite yet, you can rest easy with the knowledge that our Master Certified technicians are experienced, punctual, and respectful when they set foot in your home. We won’t ring the doorbell, either. Instead, we knock, just in case there are any sleeping babies who could be woken up by a loud ring! We also wear booties over our boots to make sure we aren’t tracking dirt and dust in, and we keep track of simple things like where we place our tools. We make sure to leave your home in the same condition we found it.
Below you will find examples of the name brands of dishwashers we service in Council Bluffs and beyond.

Council Bluffs Stove Repair

Stove repair is another area in which we have plenty of experience. With the largest parts house in the region, we are well-equipped to solve your range, cooktop, or stove issue. Whether you have a Maytag, Kenmore, Frigidaire, LG, Wolf, or Viking stove in need of service, we get the job done in an affordable fashion, usually on the same day. We are excited to be able to offer our customers factory-certified repairs and OEM original parts so that you can be sure of the quality work you receive.
Getting your stove repaired isn’t fun; it costs money and takes time out of your no-doubt busy day. When you choose Andy’s Appliance Repair, we will do our best to get the job done accurately and swiftly. That’s what helps set us apart from our competition.

Council Bluffs Fridge Repair

When it comes to Council Bluffs refrigerator repair, you need same-day-service from a domestic appliance repair company like Andy’s. Why? You probably already know the answer. Refrigerators have perishables in them, and they can only last so long without needing to be thrown out. We try to make it out to you as soon as we can so you don’t have to pour hundreds of dollars down the drain and in the trash.
You might have found this page by typing into your smartphone something to the effect of “local fridge repair” or “refrigerator repair near me”. However you ended up getting here, the important thing is that you understand we can help you. We combine value and quality in a unique way. Being family owned and operated since 1971 gives us the know-how that truly counts in this industry. With our tailored approach to refrigerator repair and appliance service in general, your satisfaction with the work received is our top priority. We are confident that is what you will receive.
Below you will find a few examples of refrigerator brands that we service here at Andy’s Appliance Repair. Remember, this list is not comprehensive. We can handle just about any appliance, no matter the year it was made or whether it’s a “name brand” or not!

Other Appliances We Service

Although we haven’t listed them yet, if you are looking for Council Bluffs freezer repair, dryer repair, ice maker repair, or even built-in coffee maker repair service, we have you covered at Andy’s Appliance Repair. People in Council Bluffs and beyond love the fact that we are so well-versed in what we do. If you’ve got an old or obscure appliance that needs to be fixed, give us a call for small appliance repair in Council Bluffs!
We’ve been talking about how we are different than other domestic and kitchen appliance repair companies in the area. We’ve referenced our online reputation, our track-record of success, we have the area’s largest parts inventory, and the fact that we are still around after almost 50 years of being in business. But one of the most significant distinguishers we have yet to mention is the fact that we are a nationally and locally recognized Certified Service Center. In 2017, we received the Best of Lincoln Award for appliance repair. We also received Business Hall of Fame’s “Best of 2017” award for appliance repair. In 2016, we won Angie’s List “Super Service” award, and Omaha Magazine recognized us as the 2017 “Best of Omaha” winner for the category of appliance repair.
We don’t bring these up just to toot our own horn, although it is pretty fun to brag about ourselves a bit here. We reference these recognitions because it is, yet again, an outside source confirming our internal commitment to excellence in all that we do. We love what we do here at Andy’s Appliance Repair, and it’s awesome to be able to share how the communities we service are taking notice!

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