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“Andy’s was amazing with our most recent washer episode. The whole thing from start to finish was really smooth, and our technician, Brad, was very courteous and timely! I would highly recommend them if you’re looking for an appliance repair company!!”  G Sur,  Google Reviews, Five Stars   

When Omaha folks are looking for professional appliance repair, they call Andy’s Appliance Repair for exceptional kitchen, laundry and ice making appliance repair service.  With over 45 years of experience delivering  exceptional service and replacement parts on models old and new, we’ve been around the block enough to have a firm understanding of what our customers expect when it comes to getting the job done right and in an affordable and timely fashion.

Liebherr – High End Refrigerators and Freezers  

Liebherr has been a specialist in the refrigeration and freezer industry for over 60 years. A rather unusual growth path for a company that started out making cranes and construction machinery. A family owned company that continues to make cranes, excavators and other construction machinery and home refrigeration appliances.

In 1953 Hans Liebherr was approached by the branch manager of the local bank, who asked him if he’d be interested in a refrigeration factory that had just filed for bankruptcy. He ultimately declined the offer but in performing his diligence found that there was an under served market in Germany, and opened his own factory in the small town of Oschsenhausen in Southern Germany. In the post war Germany only about 10% of German households owned an electric refrigerator so Hans took it upon himself to begin to fill that need.

Today, Liebherr continues to be a family owned and operated company headquartered in the same small town in Southern Germany and they continue making construction machinery as well as  home / commercial refrigerators and freezers. The household appliances division has grown to  four production sites that manufacture high quality refrigerators and freezers, chest freezers , wind cabinets and laboratory appliances. Liebherr makes residential freestanding and semi built -in refrigerator / freezers from 24″ to 60″ wide. They make undercounter refrigeration for beverages, wine and cigars.

Liebherr uses technology to continue to improve and develop their line of high end refrigeration such  as what  Liebherr calls BioFresh.  Food lasts longer when stored at just above the freezing point. Liebherr has developed what they refer to as  BioFresh  drawers that precisely regulate to a temperature slightly above  32 degrees, far below conventional refrigerators compartment temperatures. The humidity level within the BioFresh drawers can be regulated using a slider to create either HydroSafe or DrySafe conditions. When the drawers are set to HydroSafe the humidity level is raised. This keeps unpackaged fruit and vegetable fresh and crisp for longer. Precision electronic controls ensure that a temperature of just above 32 degrees is accurately an continuously maintained. Even at high humidity level, your food will not accidentally freeze.

When the drawers are set to DrySafe, the humidity level is lowered and the BioFresh-Safe becomes a DrySafe. Lower humidity is ideal for storing meat, fish and dairy products. When stored packaged in these comparatively dry conditions, meat and dairy products will retain their flavor for far longer than in a conventional refrigerator compartment. Some cheese varieties can be stored for up to 100 days.

The fact that Liebherr refrigerators have precisely controlled areas of the refrigerator is just one of the many technologies used to differentiate Liebherr refrigerators and freezers from competitors.  In fact, they have developed a number of unique technologies that continue to keep Liebherr appliances at the top of the high end refrigerator & freezer market.  That’s just one reason that it is so  important that anytime your Liebherr appliance isn’t working quite right and your not sure what to do, give Andy’s a call and let our Liebherr certified technicians get it fixed, quickly and fixed right, using only OEM parts. For Liebherr appliance repair in Lincoln, “We’ve got you covered!”



Omaha Appliance Repair – Customer Centric Process

Once you’ve scheduled your appointment for an agreed-upon 2-hour window time slot, you can rest assured that Andy’s Appliance Repair Master Certified Technicians will keep their appointment. We will be punctual, so that you don’t have to worry about taking an entire half-day (or even whole-day) off of work just to get your Liebherr refrigerator or under-counter wine cooler repair work done. We understand the importance of punctuality, and it’s one of the qualities that we hang our hat on. Our customer service team calls you the day before your service call to confirm the date and time with you. Then they send you and email with the name and picture of the technician who will be on your door step the following day.  This makes many of our customers very happy because they know who to expect and removes some of the uncertainty. 

When the technician arrives at your home, they will knock on the door as ringing door bells can wake little ones during their naps.  He will arrive in a clearly marked Andy’s van and wearing a clean and pressed uniform showing that he is with Andy’s. He will kick off his shoes or put on “booties” over his shoes as as an added way to show respect for your home and to ensure that we don’t drag in any dirt. He will place his tools on a padded mat to keep from harming your floor. 

Full Year Parts And Labor Guarantee

Once the plan is solidified, we will move forward with the Omaha appliance repair service. People choose Andy’s for their Omaha appliance service because of our stellar reputation in the area, without forgetting our industry-leading 1 year parts and labor guarantee for the work that we do. We’ve got Omaha covered with affordable and reliable appliance repair. Schedule your repair today!

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