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Do you own a Magic Chef home appliance that has stopped working and needs repair in Omaha, Lincoln, or St. Louis? Magic Chef makes quality appliances, but like all appliances they wear out and need repair from time to time. New Magic Chef appliances can be expensive. In many cases a simple affordable repair can add years to your Magic Chef home appliance.

Andy’s Appliance Repair is factory trained and authorized to service the full product line of Magic Chef appliances. We’ve been in business since 1971 and service Magic Chef as a core competency of our business. After 45 plus years of appliance repair we’re confident we can get your Magic Chef appliance repaired and running again today.

We Know Magic Chef Appliances

Magic Chef began in St. Louis in 1850.  The brand name first showed up in 1929 and was known for dominating the oven and stove industry. Today, the Magic Chef brand is experiencing a resurgence with its product development built on the pillar of ease of use and dependability. Today Magic Chef offers a comprehensive kitchen appliance product line. They have one of the largest selections of compact and top mounted refrigerators in the market.

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Areas We Serve

Andy’s Appliance Repair serves Omaha, Lincoln, St. Louis and surrounding areas. If you need appliance repair in Bennington, Elkhorn, Gretna, La Vista, or Papillion we have you covered.  Lincoln appliance repair is not a problem either. We also service the St. Louis Metro area. If you need Magic Chef appliance repair service in Chesterfield, St. Peters, St. Charles, O’Fallon, or Florissant give us a call.

Same Day Service

In most cases we can provide same or next day service. We are certified to perform warranty & non-warranty repairs on all Magic Chef appliance makes and models. Call us directly or schedule your appointment online.

Customer Focused

We take a “guest mentality” approach when we enter your home. Our Certified Master Technicians drive clearly marked Andy’s vans and arrive on time in clean, pressed uniforms. We knock on the door (door bells wake sleeping babies), remove our shoes or put on booties to keep dirt and dust off out of your home. Our tools are placed on padded mats to protect your floor surfaces.

Master Certified Technicians

Our technicians go through years of training and experience before diagnosing and taking the lead on a repair. Working with certified techs means your diagnosis and repair will be done efficiently and correctly the first time.

Your Time Matters

We give you a 2 hour window for your service appointment so you aren’t stuck at home waiting and wondering. Your appointment is confirmed the day before service, and a technician will also call you when he is on the way. Expect us to arrive when we say we will – we don’t make customers wait.

Transparent and Honest

After our technician diagnoses your machine, they explain the issue and provide you with an estimate for repair. Once you give approval our technician gets to work repairing your appliance. We only use factory OEM original parts for repairs to keep your machine running safely to factory specification.

Parts and Labor Guarantee

Once your Magic Chef appliance is repaired and working as it should, we’re not done. Andy’s stands by our work. Every repair comes with an industry leading one year parts and labor guarantee. We got you covered!

Frequently Asked Questions about Magic Chef Appliances

Which company makes Magic Chef appliances?

Whirlpool Corporation acquired Maytag Corporation in 2006. Magic Chef has been spun out to CNA International Inc./MC Appliance Corporation, which imports and markets small appliances under several brand names.

Where is the model number on a Magic Chef Oven?

Open the oven door. At the top, left-hand corner of the open oven, locate the model number tag.

Why won’t my Magic Chef Oven turn on?

The igniter is the most commonly defective part for a gas oven that won’t turn on. To determine if the igniter is defective, observe the igniter when the oven is on. If the igniter glows for more than 90 seconds without igniting the gas flame, this indicates that the igniter is too weak to open the valve. If the igniter is weak, replace it.

Why isn’t my Magic Chef refrigerator defrosting?

The defrost timer turns on the defrost heater several times throughout the day to melt any frost that may have accumulated on the evaporator coils. If the defrost timer is defective, it may not advance into the defrost cycle, or it may not send power to the defrost heater during the defrost cycle.

Why is my Magic Chef refrigerator leaking water?

If the defrost drain is frozen, the water will overflow the drain trough and drip down to the bottom of the compartment. This water can eventually leak onto the floor. Check the defrost drain to determine if it is clogged or frozen. If the defrost drain is frozen, thaw the ice. In addition, flush the drain with hot water to ensure that it is clear of debris.


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