Miele Appliance Repair Gretna – Factory Certified

“Andy’s Appliance took care of my Freezer before the meat thawed! Tim Brockhouse sent a repairman out quickly to repair my freezer. Thanks Tim!” Robin Lindley, Google Reviews, Five Stars

Andy’s Appliance Repair & Parts House is factory-trained and authorized to provide affordable Miele appliance repair to the folks of Gretna. We keep our skills sharp and up to date with additional training of the  new Miele product line.  If you are in need of domestic appliance repair on appliances like ovens, ice makers, dishwashers, fridges, washing machines, dryers, and more, Andy’s Appliance Repair represents an ideal blend of quality and value. We don’t charge you an arm and a leg to get the job done the right way. We’ve been serving Gretna, Lincoln, Omaha, and beyond with quality kitchen appliance repair for over 45 years, so it’s safe to say we have an understanding of what this industry demands.  You can schedule your appointment online and we will come out to you within the same day if not the next!

Gretna Appliance Repair – In Home Repair Service

While our certified technicians are in your home, we conduct ourselves as a guests.  Meaning, we treat your home, your  property, your pets and you, with the utmost respect and courtesy.  People have come to trust Andy’s Appliance service because we are reliable. We stand by our 2- hour appointment windows that we’ve made. We call the day before to confirm the date and time of the appointment and we also send a confirmation e mail with your technicians name and photo so you know who will be at your door the next day. As always, we show up on time, in a marked Andy’s van, in uniform and with a smile.   An example of this commitment is we won’t ring your doorbell when we come to your place, just in case there are any little ones laying down for nap time!

We are dedicated to finding you a quick, affordable appliance repair solution so that you can get your life together. You see, we understand that when the kids need clean cloths for school and the washing machine isn’t working or you have some friends coming over and your refrigerator isn’t working can really cause problems for a families busy schedule. We are certified in all brands, all models of residential appliance repair. So, when your Meile dishwasher, Kenmore refrigerator or Samsung washing machine isn’t working and you don’t know what to do, give Andy’s a call and we’ll send our certified technician to get you backup and going. 


Gretna Appliance Repair

Our Miele factory trained technicians are experts in the repair of the full line of Miele appliances.  Miele makes high end residential appliances including,  wall ovens and steamers, cook tops and ventilation hoods, washers and dryers, refrigerators and built in coffee machines. Miele dishwashers are among the most popular high end appliances and prized for their quiet operation, strong cleaning ability and reliability.  Miele has been making appliances for the home since 1899 and expanded to the United States back in 1983 when they established corporate  headquarters in Somerset, New Jersey.  German engineered and shipped to the US for sale, are some of the best appliances in the market.  So next time your Miele is giving you problems, give Andy’s a call and let us get you back up and going!

Full Year Parts And Labor Guarantee

Once we diagnose the issue, we will explain the problem and give you our recommendation for a solution, along with a quote and timeline. Once we agree on a plan of action, we’ll get to work! We only use factory OEM original parts for all repairs to keep your machine running safely according to factory specifications. Keep in mind we offer an industry-leading 1 year parts and labor GUARANTEE for the work that we do. We’ve Got You Covered with Gretna appliance repair!

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