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Omaha’s Stove Appliance Repair Service

Unless you’re camping, the days of using fire to cook are long gone, thanks to electricity and gas. We no longer have to feed our stoves with wood or use hooks extended over the fireplace! Electric and gas ranges are normal, expected parts of the home, and even if you’re a microwave meal junkie, you probably use the stove every once in a while. There’s nothing like the peace of mind that comes with knowing the stove is ready to provide heat whenever you need it. You can even adjust the intensity!

Just like any appliance, stovetops are great when they work and dangerously inconvenient when they don’t. A broken or malfunctioning range not only makes it difficult to cook meals, it also puts you in danger. Fires and carbon monoxide leaks can both easily result from broken ranges, and both can be deadly. Even if your stovetop is partly broken and you can still use it, you should get it repaired by Andy’s Appliance Repair to ensure that dangerous problems aren’t developing behind the scenes. At Andy’s Appliance Repair, we are passionate about being the choice of discriminating homeowners for stovetop or range repair in Omaha. Our 47 years of experience have given us the time to build our reputation, and we haven’t wasted a minute. We are on a mission to be your best ally, taking our team and our mission into the future so we can help more people.


Electrical Cooktop Repair

Do you remember the days of metal coil burners with catch pans underneath? The coils got bright orange when turned on high, and keeping up with catch pan maintenance was practically impossible. Once food got cooked onto those pretty silver pans, it was very difficult to remove it. You may not have even tried!

Today, those metal coil burners still help people cook. However, there are other electrical options as well. Glass cooktops are slowly edging coil burners out because their single surfaces offer a lot of conveniences when it comes to cleaning. However, food can still get cooked onto that glass surface, and you need specialized glass cleaner to keep that cooktop as glamorous as possible. At the end of the day, people will swear by different types of electric burners, declaring that they give the best heat and all other range types are irritating. However, we can all agree that a working cooktop is better than a broken one, no matter what type it may be. At Andy’s Appliance Repair, our existing expertise and ongoing training allow us to provide world-class repair to stovetops of all types both old and new. But how do you know it is time to contact us for electric stove repair in Omaha?

Signs You Need to Call Andy’s Appliance Repair

Most appliances give off warning signs before they completely fail. This is good news! It means that, if you are in-the-know and observant, you can spot the warning signs and get developing issues fixed before they become too serious. Read on to learn the signs it’s time to give us a call!

If you have a metal coil range…

  • You see corrosion or rust on the coils themselves. This can be a problem in old units and should not be ignored. Heating up damaged coils is bad for your pots and will not improve with time. You need to contact us for coil repair or replacement.
  • Your burner is getting way too hot. If you want a pot of food to simmer but the boiling doesn’t stop even when you turn the heat down, the coil is no longer doing its job correctly. Part of the beauty of the modern stove is our ability to adjust the temperature of each coil to suit our needs. If your stove is no longer doing that for you, contact us for troubleshooting and resolution.
  • Your burner isn’t heating up at all. When you turn a burner on and get no response, this is a pretty obvious sign that there is a problem. We can easily inspect your unit and determine what needs to happen to get you your burner back.
  • The range smokes while it’s on. We all get some food on our metal ranges, and it’s normal for that food to smoke as it burns off if we forget to remove it before turning the burner on. However, if you smell smoke every time you use the stove and it smells like hot electronics, something else is up and it’s time to give us a call before using your range gets too dangerous.


If you have a glass top range…

  • The controls aren’t displaying or working correctly. Your stove is a tool, and if it isn’t functioning correctly, it’s not going to get the job done. We can provide clarity and resolution to whatever might be going on and affecting your ability to control and monitor your stove.
  • The glass top is cracked. The glass on these stoves is made to withstand all kinds of abuse, but it isn’t invincible. If it gets cracked, it can no longer do its job of protecting everything underneath from moisture and spilled food. Once a crack gets big enough, the stove can’t be used. Get Andy’s Appliance Repair into your home or business as soon as possible. We offer same-day service, so you’re totally set!
  • The burners aren’t heating up. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting ingredients set and being unable to cook them on the stove. If you aren’t getting any heat from one or more burner, don’t ignore it. We understand that you probably have more burners you can use, but you want your stovetop to work as a whole. Keep the entire system at its best with our help, and you’ll get the biggest mileage out of your unit.
  • The burners get way too hot. This one can be kind of scary, especially if you have children around. It also can lead to burned food surprises, which can become fires. Most people get familiar with the ways their stoves heat and feel comfortable walking away to move laundry or make a call. When you put a burner on two but it heats itself to eight, you can end up with a destroyed meal, or worse, a fire.
  • The range smokes when you turn it on. Let us tell you: seeing a glass-topped range smoke due to anything other than burnt-on food is a solidly disturbing experience. Don’t dismiss it as normal. Instead, contact Andy’s Appliance Repair. We offer same-day service and can easily identify the problem (and fix it).

Electric ranges can cause fires just as easily as gas ranges. You cannot forget the risk of carbon monoxide leaks, either. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that can cause permanent damage to people, especially children. In the worst cases, exposure to carbon monoxide can lead to death. Never ignore a stove top issue. Instead, contact our professional, courteous team in Omaha.


Gas Range Repair

When you want your kitchen to have a classic, professional look, a gas range is the way to go. These ranges are enjoyed by professionals and amateurs alike for their unique heating style and adjustability. What makes them different from electrical ranges? They provide an exposed flame in an efficient way that makes cooking easy and convenient. However, they do this by emitting and burning natural gas, which must be handled carefully. Keep in mind that many gas ranges are installed in closed spaces, which can make the byproducts of the burning process all the more risky.

The team at Andy’s Appliance Repair is made of certified professionals who know the ins and outs of gas ranges. It is important for those who use the appliances to be aware of the danger signs given off by gas ranges. Awareness is the best way to keep yourself cooking safely (and get the most years out of your gas range). So, what are the signs that you need to give us a call in Omaha?

  • Your burners are corroded or rusted. Gas burners are made of tough metal, but metal isn’t indestructible. It is normal for some burned material to collect on the burners (you are cooking, after all), but if you’re starting to see major flaws in the metal itself, you’re seeing a burner at the end of its lifespan and you need to retire it. We recommend you try to clean the burner, and if that doesn’t work, give us a call. Just don’t ignore it!
  • You see sparks when you ignite a burner. Because your range is powered by natural gas, errant sparks are a very dangerous problem. These types of ranges are carefully designed to ignite cleanly and quickly for just that reason. If you’re seeing sparks when you ignite a burner, contact us immediately. We offer same-day service and can solve this dangerous situation to get you cooking in peace again!
  • The range smokes while burning. As with electric ranges, food that has fallen onto the burner will smoke when the burner heats up. However, if you cannot find the food culprit and the burner is simply smoking, something is very wrong. Gas ranges are designed to burn without odor or smoke — it is supposed to be a completely controlled situation. Smoke is a sign that you need to contact us in Omaha for service.
  • The burners won’t ignite at all. This situation is not just inconvenient and next to impossible to ignore, it’s dangerous. That is why we are glad it’s difficult to ignore! Don’t just turn to your other burners and leave the malfunctioning one as-is. Remember, the key to a safe gas range is a completely controlled situation without unknowns. An unresponsive burner is the opposite of that and should be seen by a professional as soon as possible.
  • The burners aren’t heating up. This neighbor of the unresponsive burners indicates some flaw or malfunction in the system. A well-working gas range will be responsive and give you full heat at whatever level you ask for. There may be a problem getting natural gas to the burner or something else. If you notice a burner or two aren’t cooking your food as quickly as they used to at the same settings, contact Andy’s Appliance Repair. Our respectful technicians will be able to diagnose and solve the issue.
  • The burners heat up too much. People get used to the pace at which their stoves cook at different temperatures. They get comfortable and assume they understand what is going to happen. Unfortunately, when a burner heats up too quickly, it can burn food and even start a kitchen fire. In this case, something is definitely wrong behind the scenes, and it is a good idea to call one of our professionals out to look at the burner. We have the knowledge to make sure you’re cooking safely!